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China Science Daily: Phil Rivers has developed a new scoring system for breast cancer typing based on embryonic genes
2022-01-01 17:45:31 Article Source:China Science Daily

Recently, EBioMedicine, a comprehensive sub journal of The Lancet, published a research result on the   exploration of the etiology and scoring system of breast cancer. The research   was jointly completed by the computational medicine team of Phil Rivers, Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, Turing Darwin Laboratory,   and other research institutions.

Based on the new technology   system of computational medicine, the research team took female breast cancer   as the specific research object and carried out the world's first clinical   trial of embryoline genome etiology. The project team has developed a system   called " Damage Assessment of Genomic Mutations" (DAGM), which has   greatly improved the research level of breast cancer etiology in China. In   the future, APSPs (Activity Profiles of Signalling Pathways) scoring method   will be used to guide the early prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer.



Publication: DAGM: A novel modelling framework to assess the risk of HER2-negative breast cancer based on germline rare coding mutations

Source: China Science Daily