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BIN | Phil Rivers won the Excellent Award in the National Disruptive Technology Innovation Competition
2022-04-25 17:41:03 Article Source:Phil Rivers Tech

Recently, the final of the first National Disruptive Technology Innovation Competition was successfully concluded in Shenzhen. Phil Rivers Technology (Beijing) Ltd. (Phil Rivers Tech) won the award of excellence in the finals by virtue of the project "Digital Twin Technology of Life Function". The competition attracted 2724 entries from all over the country. After screening, 75 high-quality projects came to the fore and advanced to the final. Now the project has been recommended to enter the subversive technology alternative library of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

"Digital Twin Technology of Life Function" introduces information science ideas, artificial intelligence technology, and supercomputing power into biomedical and drug research and development fields. Through digital modeling of human/tumor cell behavior and function, this technology can understand, simulate, and observe the complex system of human life, promote the discovery of potential mechanisms of diseases, and be used to discover new targets, optimize drug screening, and optimize drug clinical trials, so as to promote the original innovation of the pharmaceutical industry.