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ECONOMIC DAILY: New generation information technology empowers Pharmaceutical R&D
2022-07-18 10:37:06 Article Source:Economic Daily APP

In what aspects does information technology empower the biomedical industry? The reporter of Economic Daily interviewed relevant experts who participated in the Computational Medicine Forum at the recently concluded China Innovative Medicine (Mechanical) Conference and the 7th CMAC Annual Conference.


Zhang Chunming, founder of Phil Rivers, said that domestic innovative drugs are mostly concentrated in targets and technical races that have been verified abroad, resulting in "new drugs" and homogeneous competition like generic drugs.


Niu Gang, director of Turing Darwin Laboratory, said: "Computing the mechanism results provided by the medical platform can directly simulate the actual efficacy of drugs under the conditions of clinical trials, and can seamlessly continue biological experiments and clinical trials, which not only directly reduces the cost of new drug research and development, but also greatly increases the success rate of Phase II/III clinical trials."


Zhao Yu, deputy director of Turing Darwin Laboratory and COO of Phil Rivers, believes that, from a global perspective, although the application of artificial intelligence and big data in biomedicine is still in its early stage, the biomedical industry in China is in a critical climbing stage from imitation to innovation, and computational medicine, as a new technology system, is bound to create a new way for new drug research.


Phil Rivers proposed the concept of computational medicine. T Computational medicine takes system theory as the guiding ideology, adopts intensive data driven research paradigm, artificial intelligence as the method, high-performance computing as the support, and contributes new insights and solutions to the whole chain industry in the biomedical field through the dual wheel drive of knowledge model and data model.

Recently, Phil Rivers announced that it had completed round A financing of nearly 100 million yuan. Phil Rivers focuses on drug research and development driven by "AI+disease" to solve the problem of unclear pathogenesis, which is the core problem of drug innovation. It is reported that it has built two AI tool platforms - new target and new mechanism delivery platform and virtual clinical trial platform, pointing to six application scenarios: new target, new mechanism, new biomarker, design of clinical trial scheme, prediction of clinical trial results, and expansion of new indications.

Source: Economic Daily APP