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AI-Biotech: With a financing of 100 million yuan, will this AI pharmaceutical company be China's CytoReason?
2022-07-18 10:23:14 Article Source:AI-Biotech

Recently, an AI pharmaceutical company has entered the public eye by taking nearly 100 million yuan in Series A funding.

Unlike most other AI pharmaceutical companies, Phil Rivers chooses to analyze the data in a way of "knowledge + data + supercomputing + artificial intelligence" from a large number of medical literature and data to find the cause of the disease.

The number of start-ups taking "AI+disease model" as their technology route is small in the world. However, one overseas company, CytoReason, is also in the field, and has also won the cooperation of five of the top ten pharmaceutical enterprises, including Pfizer. How to use massive medical data? Will Phil Rivers be China's CytoReason?

On this issue, the AI-Biotech has compared the similarities and differences between the two companies from the technical route, business connotation and business model, so as to help readers deeply understand the changes in medical paradigm brought about by computational medicine.

Source: AI-Biotech