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2022 CMAC launches Computational Medicine Forum for the first time
2022-07-21 08:42:29 Article Source:China Medical Affairs Annual Conference (CMAC)

On July 10, 2022, the 7th   CMAC(Chinese Medical Affairs Conference) Annual Conference was successfully concluded in Hangzhou. The  organizers invited Phil Rivers to plan the "Computational Medicine Forum: Digital Test Ground for Drug Research and Development".

The "Computational Medicine" Forum brought together representatives from the world's leading pharmaceutical enterprises, clinical experts from top three domestic   hospitals, and innovative enterprises in the "AI+medicine" field to   attend the meeting and make keynote speeches. Gu Chengming, Chairman of CMAC and Head of Sanofi China Medical Department, served as the Chairman of the Forum. Zhao Yu, co-founder of Phil Rivers, presided over the forum.

The special forum invited   seven keynote speakers, including Gu Chengming, the head of Sanofi's medical department in China, Zhang Chunming, the founder of Phil Rivers, Zhao Yu, the co-founder of Phil Rivers,   Li Ning, the president of the Cancer Institute of the Chinese Academy of   Medical Sciences in Hebei, Jiang Min, the director of the Office of the National Drug Clinical Trial Institute of Peking University Cancer Hospital,  Xiao Jianru, the director of the PLA Orthopedic Research Institute, the president of the Orthopedic Hospital of Shanghai Long March Hospital Niu Gang, Director of Turing Darwin Laboratory, and Chang Fude, Director of  Darwin Business Department of Huimei Technology.

Source: China Medical Affairs Annual Conference (CMAC)