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BiG Roundtable | Dr. Niu Gang of Phil Rivers and industry experts jointly discuss the role of AI in drug R & D
2022-08-08 11:15:14 Article Source:Biologics Innovation Group

On August 7, 2022, the third   issue of the new target and new technology of the BiG live broadcast room was   a hot review of the "AI+new drug" of the current fire. Dr. Niu   Gang, co CEO of Phil Rivers,   was invited to participate in the round table discussion.

BiG   Roundtable: Can AI make first-in-class drugs?

☆ How does Al break   down the barriers of the original drug R & D process?

☆ Return to essence,   can Al make frst in class?

☆ How does Al improve   the efficiency of clinical trials, which are the most costly phase of drug   development?

☆ At present, the   technology is still limited. What is the trend of Al+drug research and   development in the next few years?

☆ 2022, the upsurge of “Al +new drugs” from the perspective of   capital

Guo Bingshi: CSO of neoX   Biotech (presenter)

Ren Feng: Joint Chief Officer of Insilico Medicine

Niu Gang: Director of Turing Darwin Laboratory and Co CEO of Phil Rivers Tech

Wang Sheng: CEO of ZELIXIR   Biotech

Li Haotian: Founder & CTO of Redesign Science

Liu Dan: Senior Partner of CDH Investment


Source: Biologics Innovation Group