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2022 Suzhou Dialogue | Phil Rivers Zhao Yu was invited to give an opening speech
2022-08-29 09:07:33 Article Source:China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association(CNPPA)

On August 26, 2022, the   special session "Production Quality Management in the Whole Life Cycle   of Drugs and Packaging",  organized by Huiyu Research Institute Of   Pharmaceutical Packaging Technology(HYPPI) in Suzhou Industrial Park was   successfully held. The sub forum focused on the exploration of new paradigms   for drug R&D innovation, and for the first time introduced cutting-edge   topics of AI pharmaceutical R&D on the "Suzhou Dialogue"   platform. The Association invited Zhao Yu of Phil Rivers  to give an opening speech "Exploration   of New Paradigm of Drug R&D Innovation", which brought a new concept   and model of drug R&D to the participants.


Source: China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association(CNPPA)