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Data Scientist

Key Tasks:

1. Develop project-specific experimental strategies, techniques, and procedures.

2. Building machine learning models from multimodal data (genomic data, histology, radiology, clinical,...), to identify new biomarkers, therapeutic targets, drug combinations, indications expansions and optimized drug development strategies.

3. Collate results, manage data within the project and contribute to report where applicable.

4. Deliver to work plans and assist in the design, development and maintenance of process documents and reporting mechanisms.



1. First degree and MSc in relevant quantitative discipline (e.g. data science, epidemiology, biostatistics, computational medicine) or relevant working experience is essential for this position.

2. Proficiency in the acquisition and analysis of high throughput ‘omics data’ or show clear potential to develop and apply the required skills for the analysis of such data.

3. Architectural and/or feature knowledge of one or more of the listed AI Platforms: Tensorflow, PyTorch. Architectural and/or feature knowledge of one or more of the listed Languages or Packages: Python, R, MATLAB.

4. Team worker, able to work flexibly and with initiative to bring forward ideas.

5. Experience of working with biological and biomedical scientists in a collaborative fashion.